Black Masterbatches

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elmostafa is presently the only company in egypt  which is engaged in mass production of Black Masterbatch in a corporate sense, with an annual production capacity of 11,000 tons/year. elmostafa has gotten ahead of the imported Black Masterbatches with its product quality and capacity improved over the years and has subsequently begun exporting its products to many countries.


The quality level of Black Masterbatches is determined by the characteristics of Carbon Black they contain and the production processes. Black Masterbatches must possess a harmonious dispersion and sufficient concentration levels. Furthermore, they must meet blackness intensity, brightness and covering requirements.


Black Masterbatches are used in applications such as Film Packaging, Pipes, Automotive, Compound, Panels, Injection, Cables, etc. Furthermore, it may not be possible to achieve the same results with Black Masterbatches in every process. For this reason, only recommended products must be used.


It is important that the Black Masterbatches used in Film & Packaging applications provide the required blackness and covering on the product. No “particle” problems must occur on the film during application.


Along with economical products we offer to the market for use in product groups such as Water pipes, Corrugated pipes, Drip Pipes, Sprinkler Pipes, we also offer special products defined as P-Type which are designed specifically for these applications. These special products enable you to achieve extra UV effect and perfect dispersion.


If darker and brighter tones of black cannot be achieved although the usage levels are increased, Black Masterbatches specially designed for this purpose must be used. Such demands may come from applications involving the automotive, electronic, cosmetics industries, etc. where appearance is of utmost importance.



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