Our Vision

We are specialized in producing Masterbatch (MB) for PE, PP and PPR with wide ranges of colors degress (white and other colors) according to modern scientific techniques and world standards .
Our MB gives the final products the appropriate color with high quality , enhanced appearance , and optimal dispersion . we also produce UV MB to extend the service life of various kinds of plastic products during outdoor exposure to UV light energy .
Our products are used in different plastic production techniques (Extrusion – Injection – Blowing – Film – Calendaring ..... etc.)
We produce fluorescent, pearl, silver, and golden colors . Our laboratory is equipped with high standard apparatus to develop new products and monitor our quality standards such as:
1- Excellent appearance and optimal dispersion
2- Non bleeding , Non blooming
3- Resistant to migration .
4- Heat Resistant (up to 300C).
5- No hazardous substances.
6- Heavy metal free.
El Mostafa